Kristen Rogers Anderson cohosts the podcast Book Club Shmook Club, where she and her brother Will Rogers talk about books through the lenses of analysis, emotion, pop culture and toilet humor.  There's a recap at the beginning of every episode so you don't even have to have read the book to enjoy listening, and Kristen and Will do background research into each book and any surrounding media around it, like movies or tv shows, so you get a complete picture.  They gravitate toward fiction with dark subject matter- some favorites have been Psycho and The Shining- but they've even read some romance and non-fiction, as well as being fully obsessed with Harry Potter, covering all of the books and movies.  It's a book club with a 50/50 blend of smart and stupid, containing frequent tangents and tons of laughter.    

Kristen also teaches meditation and restorative yoga, a style of yoga that involves no "exercise," just relaxing mental and breathing techniques done lying on the ground in different comfortable poses, nestled with blankets, using pillows and blocks to help create props to drape over. She feels a huge pull toward encouraging people to let themselves off the hook and find ways to release pressure- most of us need to chill the hell out.  Restorative yoga helps elicit that hazy, relaxed, am-I-asleep-or-awake feeling which gives your mind deep rest and takes your body out of the "fight, flight or freeze" state we tend to operate in.  Because of that, it has a host of benefits such as stress reduction, increased immune function, better sleep quality and not being an asshole to others. 

Kristen has written essays on grief, self-love, self-image and hair (she's a stylist at Salon Pure in Princeton, NJ) that have appeared on Medium, Elephant Journal, Jezebel and XoJane. She also satisfies her itch to write through bloggy Instagram captions.  Kristen is also an assistant at Boho Berry, the blog, YouTube channel and Etsy shop created by Kara Benz, revolving around personal development and organization (told you she does a lot of things!) 

Kristen loves anything spooky, mysterious, mystical, goofy, cute or weird and has a major thing for Bravo programming.  She loves being outside in the woods with her dog, Crumbs, eating good food in restaurants or crappy food in front of the TV with her chef husband, Ryan, and cracking up with her very, very loved friends and family.

Kristen lives in central New Jersey.